- Guns
Individuals without this Talent fire guns (all handguns, rifles, and submachine guns, including laser, stun. and concussion varieties) at their Agility rank. Those with this Talent fire such weapons at +1CS.

- Blunt Weapons
Characters with this Talent gain a +1CS to hit when attacking with a weapon that resolves attacks on the Blunt Attacks column of the Battle Effects Table.

- Acrobatics
The hero with this Talent is very limber and as such gains advantages when under attack. The hero has a +1CS when dodging, evading, and escaping.

- Wrestling
The hero with this Talent is proficient in applying holds. It includes familiar types of wrestling as well as the sumo forms of the art. The hero with this Talent gains a + 2CS when making Grappling attacks, but gains no benefit in damage. (A hero with Martial Arts B and this Talent gains a +3CS to hit in a Grappling attack, and a + 1CS for damage.)

- Martial Arts A
This form of martial arts concentrates on using an opponent’s strength against him, and is typical of oriental- American forms such as judo and karate. The practitioner of this type of martial arts can Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of their comparative Strengths and Endurances.

- Martial Arts E
This form of martial arts encourages quick striking to catch the opponent off-guard. Heroes with this form of Martial Arts are at a + t to initiative rolls in unarmed combat.

- Engineering
Engineering includes all the varied types of that profession dedicated to the design of functional items: civil, chemical, mechanical, etc. A character with Engineering Talent gains a +1CS to all FEATs involving building things, including the Resource FEAT to determine if an object can be built

- Medicine
The hero with this Talent has extensive knowledge of medicine, and as such limited Talents in healing. In general. a character losing Endurance Ranks as the result of a lethal situation can have those losses stopped by any character checking on him. The individual with Medicine Talent may bring back characters that have reached the Shift 0 level up to 20 turns after they have reached that level. A character with this Talent may restore one rank of Endurance to a wounded character per week, in addition to natural healing. Finally, the character with Medicine as a Talent is +1CS on Reason FEATs that involve medical problems,medications, poisons, and surgery.

- Detective/Espionage
The hero with this Talent has been trained to notice small clues in solving crimes. The character with this Talent gains a + 1CS to discover clues to a crime, and in addition gains a Contact in either crime, law enforcement, law, or espionage.

- Electronics
A +1CS on matters involving electronic devices, including their creation and repair.

- Chemistry
A +1CS on matters of chemistry, including developing new formulas, finding cures for inorganic poisons, and identifying chemicals by smell, touch, or taste.

- Sleight of Hand
This is a Talent developed by stage magicians which causes items to appear and disappear by a combination of misdirection and swift, fluid gestures. The character with this Talent may palm small items, making them appear or disappear with Agility +1CS ability.

- Languages
The character with this Talent has a natural understanding of languages. The character gains 1 additional language at start, and made add other languages at half the cost of a Talent (500 paints regardless of who teaches it). Characters without languages Talent must gain this Talent first to learn other languages. The gaining of additional languages assumes someone is available to teach these languages. A Player character with this Talent does not have to assign a language at start, but may fill one in later as need be.


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