- Resistance to Fire and Heat: Deduct Power Rank Score from any Fire or Heat damage taken.

- Protected Senses: Cannot be blinded or deafened by attacks less than or equal to Power Rank.

- Flight: Power Rank is Speed, Agility determines changing course/dodging; must keep moving while in flight, move one area or forced to land.

- Earth Control: Player can hurl dirt/rock/stone/concrete/asphalt/glass as a Power Rank attack with a range of one area and deflect attacks with these materials lower than Power Rank with telekinetic control.

- Animate Object: Cause a simple inanimate objects to move and attack (Agility/Fighting = Power Rank, Strength/Endurance/Health = Material Strength). Cannot control objects with Material Strength greater than Power Rank.

- Magnetic Manipulation: Push and pull ferrous metallic objects up to Power Rank size and Power Rank range a distance up to one area.

- Energy Reflection: Once an encounter, you can reflect any kind of energy attack against the attacker or another target within Power Rank range. Agility FEAT determines in reflection hits target.

- Electrical Manipulation: Can absorb up to Power Rank of electrical energy without taking damage, then can discharge that electricity with a touch attack.

- Growth: Once a day, grow to Power Rank size and use Power Rank for all Feats of Strength.

- Blending: Ability to change shade to blend in with any surface and be hidden with Power Rank ability. Must be against a flat surface and blending ends if character does not keep still.

- Phasing: Phase through solid items with material strength less than Power Rank along with anything held or worn. You must stop phasing in order to interact with non-phased objects.

- Projectile Missile: Power Rank range and damage, Agility determines if attack hits.

- Ice Generation: Can convert moisture in the air into blunt or edged projectile attack with Power Rank range and Power Rank damage, Agility determines if attack hits.

- Energy Generation: Can fire a bolt of force with Power Rank energy damage at Power Rank range. Agility determines if attack hits.

- Telepathy: Can establish mind-to-mind communication and read surface thoughts as Power Rank Feat. Unwilling subjects of equal Psyche require a YELLOW result, subjects with a telepathic counter-measure require a RED result.

- Extra Attacks: Make two attacks per turn at +1CS on your Fighting Ability. Power Rank must be equal to or greater than Fighting Ability.

- Paralyzing Touch: Those touched by this individual must make an Endurance Feat against Power Rank or fall unconscious for 1-10 rounds. This power is always on and effects anyone who touches the character at any time.

- Claws: Edged attack at Power Rank damage. Material Strength of claws is Power Rank.

- Body Armor: Armor can negate physical attacks up to Power Rank. Armor absorbs up to Power Rank of Energy damage per encounter.

- Regeneration: After each encounter, you return to full health.

- Ultimate Skill – Weapons – Guns: Power Rank at all Shooting Attacks.

- Ultimate Skill – Weapons – Blunt: Power Rank at all Blunt Attacks.

- Ultimate Skill – Weapons – Sharp: Power Rank at all Sharp Attacks.


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